In the modern welding industry regulation/certification/compliance are becoming more evident with

engineers becoming more aware of welding standards and their requirements.

Qualified Welding Procedures and Qualified Welders are the basic principles of welding consistency,

weld quality and weld efficiency.

We have full time qualified Welding supervisors and Certified Inspectors.

We understand the most suitable welding application for your particular requirement,

using our knowledge and experience of both correct welding equipment and consumable selection.

  • We specialise in site welding using welding processes including:

    • GTAW (Tig)

    • MMAW (stick)

    • FCAW (Gas Shielded Fluxcore and Self Shielded Fluxcore)


  • Typical materials welded are:

    • Carbon Steel

    • Stainless Steel

    • Aluminium


Some typical applications are:

  • Structural steel welding

  • Pipe welding

  • Pipefitting

  • General onsite fabrication and welding

  • Mining equipment repair

  • Bucket repairs and maintenance

  • Pile welding

  • Crack repair

  • Heavy plant repair

  • Hard facing

  • Wear plates replacement